Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does it work?
A: Automated Deal Maker uses the latest technology to give Real Estate investors an unfair advantage over their competition.
A: Through a close working relationship with RMO Media, you will send full-fledged contracts to all of the listed properties in your county each month.
A: Using our unique follow up system you will be in touch with every Realtor® you placed a contract with each week.
Q: Why do I need Automated Deal Maker?
A: Traditional methods of Real Estate investing are flooded with competition. In a Buyers market there are plenty of deals available through the MLS. A person facing foreclosure may list to the MLS in hopes of a quick sale. As properties sit for extended periods of time, your offer might be placed at just the right time. The right place at the right time, that's the name of the game.
Q: Why not invest in traditional marketing techniques such as direct mail?
A: By all means, please do. While fully capable of generating business all on its own, the Automated Deal Maker marketing system was designed as a compliment to your traditional marketing techniques.
Q: What are some of the benefits that I would gain by subscribing to Automated Deal Maker?
A: TIME! How many people would you have to hire in order to send out 350 contracts per day? SEVERAL.
A: By keeping contact with all of the Realtors in your county on a weekly basis, you will develop relationships and become the GO-TO Investor for every wholesale deal, even the deals that have no time or that have not yet been entered to the MLS.
Q: Why can't I just do this on my own? It's not rocket it?
A: This is one of my favorite questions. Spend two weeks attempting to set it up yourself and you will understand the complexity of what has been put together for you. Every day the newest listings are automatically pulled from your local MLS system, combined with your personal information as well as local market due diligence and sent via various methods to the realtors. In the end we hope you are able to send it at least one time. By sending it out at least once you will find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of incoming calls and emails with potential deals. Then setup to do it again tomorrow. There really are not enough hours in the day.
A: Our follow up system is second to none. Without extensive website knowledge and database application understanding, your investment to put a system in place of even remote comparison will be not only expensive, but very time consuming.
Q: I don't have MLS access, is this a problem or does the software access the MLS for me?
A: You will need to  acquire mls access by working with a broker. Find a broker that normally works with investors.
Q: Can I get detailed about the prospects that I am able to send contracts to?  For example, let's say I wanted to send a contract on all REO's that have been on the market for over 180 days…… this possible?
A: The details are decided when you choose the listings inside of the can select many different options including the one you mentioned above.
Q: Am I able to upload my own list to send contracts to?  (Ex., Pre-foreclosure lists)
A:  As long as they have email addresses,Yes.
Q: Is there a standard contract that you are using, if so, is it possible to view a sample before purchasing?
A: Attached
Q: Putting offers on houses without doing due diligence can be a risky transaction, are there any inspection contingencies in the contract to give me an out?
A: Buying houses without doing due diligence can be a risky transaction.There are at least five ways to walk from a contract using Automated Deal Maker
Q: Is this software web-based or is there a download?

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