What is Automated Deal Maker?

Automated Deal Maker is a web-based marketing system helping investors cherry pick the best Real Estate bargains while dramatically cutting advertising expenses and maximizing your returns when buying Real Estate. Automated Deal Maker makes it less expensive, easier and faster than any other form of marketing currently in place.

What it's not!

It's NOT another real estate "system" or a collection of books and DVDs from some self-proclaimed investing expert telling you how to make money. Automated Deal Maker is a turn-key Real Estate tool that puts you in the driver's seat in your market. We've done the heavy lifting so you don't have to. What used to take several employees can now be done with the touch of a button. You simply log into your account and go to work making offers on tons of listed properties.

What makes Automated Deal Maker unique?

Right now, no one else in your area has this technology...yet. Automated Deal Maker is a unique software tool with the power to save you money and time by identifying only properties that meet your requirements and which the owners are motivated to sell, at your price!

Automated Deal Maker gives you an effective way to target motivated sellers (banks and personal) who you prescreen to meet your purchasing and selling offer parameters.

Life comes down to simple math—how many offers did you make today?

What is Automated Deal Maker going to do for ME?

Automated Deal Maker will enable you to:

  1. Find sales immediately. Our web-based software puts you in direct contact with motivated sellers, willing to sell at your price, not theirs.

  2. Get control of a dynamic, competitive game-changer. Until now, there has been no easy way to find out exactly who is eager to sell in a hurry or is in a short sale situation. Now you can tap into that market before your competition— even while you're in your pajamas!

  3. Increase your market visibility to Realtors. In almost no time, every Realtor in your area will recognize you as a buyer and a potential customer.

  4. Stop wasting time and money on speculative marketing. Go straight to the owners who want to sell at the price you're looking for.

  5. Slash the amount of lead time spent on finding deals. No more combing the MLS to make offers one at a time. You decide what kind of properties you're looking for and then you can make multiple offers with a few clicks of your mouse. Your only "problem" will be what to do with the time that you just gave back to yourself!

  6. Make great investments by buying low and selling high. You decide at what discount to make your offers, and you can make 100 offers a day if you want to—directly, quickly and easily.

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How is Automated Deal Maker changing real estate investing?

Automated Deal Maker is enabling a real estate investing revolution in three powerful ways:

  1. It destroys the usual slow and expensive model of researching real-estate leads and direct-mailing campaigns to find the real bargains you want. Our system frees up your cash, time, and people who would normally be costing you money searching out possible leads.

  2. For the first time, it gives you access to a unique and potentially lucrative market that has been largely untapped until now. Before Automated Deal Maker there has been no easy way to find out exactly who is eager to sell in a hurry. It gives you access to millions of people who are afraid of losing their houses or are motivated to sell at a discount for whatever reason.

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